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Re: Atemi

Again, your "assertion" is off-base. Experience, or lack thereof, of a specific style, is irrelevant to a material assessment of the prima facie value of information presented. Besides, I have sufficient experience in various striking arts to understand that what is being presented in the material is aimed at a basic, kindergarten level, and that it in no way represents a "true" application potential.

I get the gist of what Nishio is showing in the book and videos, and I don't have a problem with it. But I do stand by my earlier conviction. If the goal is to "stop" the attack without necessarily completing the technique, that's fine - I'm not discounting that as a potentially valid use of atemi. However, I prefer to take a pedantic view of atemi as a "hit (to the) body"... and that such "hits" will result in one or more of the following:
1. A predictable physiological response in uke
2. Disturb/disrupt or even break uke's balance
3. Causes uke to change their priorities and respond in a predictable fashion
4. Create an opening to allow insertion for a technique
5. Allow for completion of the technique

Whilst Nishio does demonstrate some of these to an extent, I don't think he articulates or emphasizes it sufficiently. Certainly, the voice over on the video doesn't, or glosses over it briefly - resulting in vague instructions, like "do it like this".

So, I don't think further PM or discussion of my experience is necessary... besides, I left the beautiful young girl by the river ages ago... I hope you're not still carrying her.

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