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okay first off, I believe there are big truths and small truths. Big truths kinda stay true for a long time, Small truths change. sorry my mind is blank at the moment ( grrrrr stupid chemistry equations). but the truth does evovle most of the time in my opioin.

as for Chad. I aint no MA master or anythign acually most people say Im stupid but what do you mean by ki?? do you mean life force that substains us makes us grow and unifies us all together ( like the force). or do you mean the undying consentration which at times gives you the ablitly to be centered and balenced and the unbendble arm? what is your definition of KI??

BTW I love atemi it rocks! hurts but rocks and my sensei doesnt teach it till we have a very firm grasp on the basics! Have fun all!

Dallas Adolphsen
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