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The "truth" is in there.

Let me be blunt...NO ONE has the market on truth cornered even if we could define "truth".
(Mr. Jennings) Hmmm, interesting point... Since everyone is being blunt in this thread, I thought I would play a bit of Devil's advocate with you...

For "arguments" sake, are you implying that if you happened to have been around, training with O-Sensei, and if he happened to sit down to tell you what "Aikido" is, that he wouldn't be telling you the truth? Or is it that you wouldn't believe him?

I guess my real question is, Do you think that there is no truth out there, or that "possibly" you just haven't met anyone who knew what it was, or knew but was not willing to tell you?

more questions (we) all can play with...

Moreover, if you had been around and told by O-Sensei what "Aikido" is, and then some twenty or thirty odd years after it had been completely bastardized you went around telling people what you thought it was based upon your own "true" experiences, would you then be wrong, or would everyone just believe you were?

Does anyone out there think that O-Sensei considered that his art might get watered down, atemi, weapons, and the martial spirit ripped from its center, So he "clued" a few of his closer disciples in on what he understood aikido to be, so that they would be able to pass it along once it all got turned to mud?

Do you think that this might even possibly have already happened?

With regards to the original poster of this thread, since we are "sharing" our "opinions" here, I have a statement and a question.

Statement: "Martial Arts without "atemi" is like sewing without a needle and thread."

Question: I am interested to know on what sources you base your opinion?

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