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Re: Ki Society Style Actually Usefull?

These Ki Society threads always catch my eye. In response to the original poster, yes, aikido, even the notoriously "soft" ki aikido can be effective, but it's largely up to the personal ability of the practitioner under the guidance of a legitimately knowledgeable sensei. Ki Society teaches mind and body coordination, and while the art is pretty much accessible to everyone, if you are smart and physically coordinated, with a little bit of dedication these aikido skills will come quicker than for those less gifted in these areas. Aikido obviously takes a lot of bashing these days, but I do not doubt it's effectiveness. Aikido is not a game, and it's techniques, though primarily teaching tools as they may be (as indicated in Dave's post) should not be used recklessly. I've had a sort of personally troubling experience recently involving a very drunk and belligerent acquaintance. I'm thankful that he took his aggression out on me, the "martial artist" as opposed to some others who were present. Let's just say that this encounter has made me rethink the frequently asked question, "is aikido effective..." I don't look at it like I once did, "will aikido fail," as much as "will I fail aikido," and I feel in this circumstance I failed aikido by not protecting my aggressor as much as I would have liked to. But you live and you learn, hopefully both of us learned something from that night...

I too looked up the Great Wave Aikido Club, and I think I found the videos that Craig Hocker was talking about. I found them a bit puzzling too, though I'm at work so I'm working on a slooooow computer with no speakers. But those jo nage's were interesting, I'm wondering where you learned those throws seeing as stylistically I've not seen them taught in this way by your chief instructor. I've met Jill and a few people from your club, they were really nice people, but the real issue that I have with the website that I found was the fact that there is a link to Tissier shihan at the bottom of the page. Hey, Tissier is awesome, no questioning that! But don't you think you might ruffle a few feathers by linking to this video without any real indication that what Tissier shihan is doing in the video is not what you guys profess to teach? aka NOT Ki Society? I'm not on a witch hunt, but I do think it is in poor taste. But don't worry, I won't tell sensei when I see him in a couple of weeks. Beautiful Rocky's, here I come! Perhaps we can start a new thread on the jo within Ki Society when I get home.

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