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Re: Ki Society Style Actually Usefull?

Dave Organ wrote: View Post
All the above being said, I'm gonna throw in a major caveat concerning the defensive side of aikido - unless you've goat a really good instructor who directly addresses defence; chances are any attempt to 'use' aikido in a defensive situation is gonna get you splattered faster than a bug on a windshield; simply because the reality of defence is radically different from what is commonly taught in the dojo.
replace "aikido" with "martial art", this is not a problem unique to aikido.

What is Great Wave Aikido? I was curious but all I could find in reference to it was some dissappointing youtube videos where you and Jill were displaying a deep ignorance of correct jo technique and also speaking with authority but also quite incorrectly about what is and isn't Ki Society style jo technique.
Pardon me but I found it deeply frustrating and dissappointing to watch.

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