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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

hello, chris
Sorry it seems that I managed to find a hidden meaning to what you wrote (but that what happens when we are separated by a common language) :-)

About the body lock, head lock and even wrist lock in fencing (provided that what I call lock is what you call lock), I was wondering why they consistently appear in 15th fencing? Manuals. After all we are talking of a 80 to 100cm blade, with a pommel and Quillons designed to strike.

And the answer came from sparing. (Hence my liking of pressure testing, cross training and sparing when it is possible)
And it is not unlike shooter from MMA and open hand.
To be fair those hold do no last very long as they are there to set up a throw, then there will be some form a control/pin to set the point and thrust But conceptually, I do not find it very different of shoot, throw, mount and pound. (But it may not be what you call a body lock or ahead lock per se)
When we tried that situation, we did not feel that the cut that I was delivering would have been fatal, crippling or debilitating. I am not sure that they would have draw blood with medieval clothing on. (Not armour but stonger than a modern T shirt). And it took to much time form to do something meaningful with my tip (and he could always control my sword hand arm long enough to "kill" me before I could get into position)

To paraphrase Don, even a sword is not that useful from a dominated position… (I think a dagger/wakisahi is probably the weapon that would make ground and pound very unhealthy)

I mean we can use the sword to stop push-cut (or pull-cut) them and it works against people that shoot from to far, commit too much in the blade clearance, or that you are ready for. but if the guy is a good shooter (and as a blade as well) he will probably get through. (If only on the ground that he will only shoot when he has a good opportunity and I do not have a good opportunity to defend.)

I hope that does make sense.

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