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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

As for the technical might also reinforce one of the contentions going around in this thread, which is that aikido and traditional jujutsu have more of a notion of two combatants who might have weapons on them (or on the ground near them or whatever), even if they don't start out wielding them.

After all, if one person has a weapon drawn and ready before the other person closes range, the other person (regardless of what they know) is pretty much screwed unless they can get ahold of something equivalent -- so much so that I doubt classical martial systems have much to say about the topic, except maybe as an interesting abstract exercise. And if they both have weapons out, we're not really talking about jujutsu anymore -- the closest thing would be some form of grappling with paired weapons, like, say, a shoulder ram from crossed blades.

We might even talk about aikido suwari-waza and such in this way; positions that do not offer nearly as much durable control as BJJ positions where you position your base above the opponent, but rather expose you less to potential weapon attacks. (Similarly: positions that are not very good for applying a fight-ending submission, but are fine for getting space to deploy a weapon, or to a lesser degree perhaps throw a few fight-ending unarmed blows -- todome waza.)

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