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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Mike Sigman wrote:
I think just about everyone in the West is clueless about what Ueshiba really did in his Misogi practice. It obviously had some extensive martial body conditioning that he didn't show everyone. After seeing that film clip with Ueshiba doing power releases during fune-kogi undo, I just throw my cards on the table and stop trying to guess... obviously a lot was witheld.


Hi Mike,
Those last five words kind of baffle me. It just doesn't fit with Ueshiba in his later years. I believe he mentions that his aikido is for the whole world. When you read the stuff about him, it appears as if he's trying to get his version of "aikido" out there. So, I don't think that he witheld anything. Instead, I think that his students just didn't fully understand what he was teaching and how he was teaching. My two cents, anyway.

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