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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

and Jon you nailed a big problem with our U.S. society today, acceptance of responsibility!

I was a "drill instructor" for Officer Candidates a few years back. My job was to essentially assess the ability of a person to become a Army Officer. As you can imagine in our burecracy, it is difficult sometime to put people out. There are a multitude of things you must consider. But the Army has very strict code of values. Once someone demonstrate that they cannot adhere or subscribe to those values, they do not belong.

You have to be very careful however, as judge of these people it is very easy sometimes to project your person feeling and judgements (predujices). People religious, ethnic, gender can all be biases that are things we should not factor in.

However, regardless of those factors, if they themselves cannot subscribe to the core values of the group, then it is very clear that they do not belong...regardless of any other reasons of their backgrounds.

Sometimes it is easy to say "get out, you don't belong". Other times it is not so easy.
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