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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Interesting how different ideologies clash!

Personally I would NOT go to a lawyer (why throw money at them?!), but instead I would alow them to train and say its their responsibility to avoid training with females and to explain why they can't - also I'd consider mentioning it briefly at the start of a class but not drawing too much attention to it. However, if you feel this would damage the atmosphere in the club I would turn him away.

I presume this also means that his wife could only train with females also?

I suppose a good way to look at these ideological clashes is to understand the reason behind them. For example, I only eat free-range meat, but if I was starving to death I would probably eat a battery hen considering it to be better than dying. Unfortuantely religious conditions are usually inflexible dogma precluding any ability for discussion with people with different ideologies. In such a case, it is nice to be accomodating, but I wouldn't let your classes suffer for it. It cannot really be compared with people with e.g. a disability, since they really have no choice (whereas religious belief is a choice).

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