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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Mary Kuhner wrote:
How, specifically, would you handle this one? Particularly, as a concrete scenario, one or two male students and a female student, where one of the males will not train with a female?
I answered a similar post of yours further up the thread:

In a class with three people somebody's going to be resting part of the time anyway, so it's not really a problem, it just takes a little more thinking. If there are three people and two of them are women then they can train together and he can practice ukemi, weapons, or other solitary practice - that's the way it goes, no major problem.

Mary Kuhner wrote:
How would you handle a one-student class where the student could not be touched by the instructor? (Do you do ki-testing?)
Don't do ki-testing that day. There are plenty of solo exercises (as mentioned above) that he can perform if the instructor puts some thought into it. It's not that hard to teach someone without touching them - Morihei Ueshiba did it, and in fact, most people are really taught by the instructor without being touched when the classes get large.

Mary Kuhner wrote:
Would these solutions work for you in the long term, or are they short-term only?

Mary Kaye
I don't see any reason that they couldn't work in the long term.



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