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Re: Need Help Urgent! :(

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
When I work with guys that are less experienced than I, I don't get out of breath and I am very aiki, however, match me with a guy that has more experience than I, then things get a little more dicey. If he happens to be bigger than me and better, well...I have my work cut out for me and usually lose.
Exactly -- my experience also.

I am working with guys on grappling right is amazing how applicable the aiki methods are in teaching them to relax and find center. I am finding it sort of like a chess match, you balance trying to submit your opponent to wearing him out to anerobic exhaustion.
Also interesting that grappling, especially when being compressed in a bottom situation, really rewards and amplifies the reasons for practice in relaxed breathing.

I would never fight like this for real though and demonstrate why you don't want to do this in a real fight when there are multiple opponents....when this have a whole different fight management style that more resembles randori.
Could you possibly elaborate on this a little more?


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