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Re: Need Help Urgent! :(

Michael Fooks wrote:
I actually think the two arts are very similar in their utility of technique over strength, if anything the only difference is that BJJ will allow you to implement earlier in the training cycle (in it's domain against motivated resisting opponents).
I just wanted to share my (reborn) excitement about this -- I don't get to train that often currently so when I do train I get very excited about it. It is frankly amazing and such a great visceral demonstration of technique over strength the first time you roll with a newbie after you get even just a tiny bit of experience under your belt.

I don't have very much experience or skill, but I I rolled for the first time in a long while the other day against a newbie who probably outweighed me by at least 30-40 lbs and had upper arms twice the size of mine (not fat). He was tentative and didn't know what he was doing -- I was amazed at just how easy it was. There were moments where I could feel that he was trying to use all his arm strength to get out of things, but it availed him not -- and I stayed relaxed and felt at the end that I had hardly broken a sweat.

The great thing about bjj/subwrestling is that you get to experience this so much sooner (as Aristeia said).


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