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Re: A question of style

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Every one you can imagine. A person used to deal with uncooperative resisting opponents trying to defeat him is better prepared to face uncooperative resisting attackers trying to do the same, especially compared with someone whose training partners are cooperative non resisting opponents trained to be defeated doesn't matter what tori does to them.
Sure. But there are many aikido dojos that recognize the issue and actively seek to address it. There are many aikido dojos which welcome students with experience in other arts. There are many aikido instructors with experience in other arts.

Well, I say aikido it is not useful for self defense so, what do you want? Possible scenarios where aikido fails?
*Of course* there are scenarios where aikido fails. Just as there are scenarios where BJJ, judo, kali, krav maga, pepper spray, and firearms will fail. But there are also scenarios where all of those arts, including aikido, have succeeded.

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