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Re: A question of style

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Ok, let's.

First, what situation do you have in mind?
Every one you can imagine. A person used to deal with uncooperative resisting opponents trying to defeat him is better prepared to face uncooperative resisting attackers trying to do the same, especially compared with someone whose training partners are cooperative non resisting opponents trained to be defeated doesn't matter what tori does to them.

Look. O Sensei was not primarily interested in self defense. I don't think there's any serious dispute over that.

But "not designed for self defense" is not the same as "not useful for self defense."
Sure, as a chair is not designed as a weapon but can be used as one. Tell the army to get rid of rifles and give chairs to the grunts.

After all, some pretty serious martial artists passed through in the old days. If O Sensei had not been extremely capable, no one would have cared what he had to say and history would remember him as just another crazy Japanese mystic.
There are much marketing oriented narratives about how capable O Sensei really was.

You can decide whether aikido is "designed" for self defense by appealing to history,
Appealing to history is appealing to data. Of course, if you feel data contradicts your hypothesis you can discard the data instead of the hypothesis. You are not going to be the first in doing that.

but to decide whether it's useful for self defense you really need to explain what kind of situation you have in mind.
Which no one, so far, has yet done.
Well, I say aikido it is not useful for self defense so, what do you want? Possible scenarios where aikido fails?

Again, combat sports are not self defense. Strike-breaking is not self defense. Self defense has some overlap with fighting, but self defense and fighting are not the same thing.
At least there is some overlap between fighting and self defense. Aikido has no overlap at all with fighting nor with self defense, even if there are some aikido practising individuals, who cause of luck, natural preservation instincts, attacker incompetence et al. had managed to defend themselves.
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