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Re: A question of style

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Olympic-level athletes in any sport train 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. That might be comparable to what O Sensei's uchi deshi did, but very very few modern aikidoka are training like that. It's really not reasonable to compare an Olympic-class judoka to a 3-hour/week recreational aikidoka.
Let's compare recreational judoka/bjj'er/boxer who trains 3h-week (there are thousands of them) with recreational aikidoka then.

And now you mention O Sensei's uchideshi.... does the name Yukawa Tsutomu sounds familiar to you?

Why aikido was dropped from Nakano school curriculum when they had to start to train operatives for real?

What about Mochizuki Minoru, who after touring France in the early 50's told O Sensei aikido didn't work as intended so he had to fall back into his judo and a bit of karate background to deal with french savateurs and wrestlers.

Why Shioda recruited mostly sumo wrestlers and judoka for pinko-commie beatings instead of aikidoka?

Have you seen the awesome display of skill of Tohei dealing with the fat untrained reporter?

Aikido, from a self defense - fighting perspectve, was born with serious flaws in strategy, tactics, doctirne, technique and training methodology. One can put some patches here and there, but it can never became a fully functional self defense - fighting system without changing so many things that would cease to be aikido anymore.
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