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Michael Varin
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Re: Photograph of O-sensei's feet?

Thanks for that, David.

It's a great topic for another thread (in fact, I think I'll start one). But how, in the context of this thread, does it address anything in my post?

Let's re-read.

Hunter Lonsberry wrote:
Does anyone have a photo of his feet in reasonably good detail? Depending on how they look like, it would be an indicator of internal training.

Hunter Lonsberry wrote:
Pronounced tendon development and thick, looks like the Aun statues. You can see Sagawa's feet in the Japanese copy of tomie no chikara, but the photos are not the greatest.
Jonathan Wong wrote:
The point is tendons are a critical type of connective tissue that may be specifically trained. Training results in changes such as thickening. The idea there is roughly that tissue that is trained to handle more load becomes thicker.
Michael Varin wrote:
Why is this the exclusive domain of "IP/IT/IS"?

In old school western physical culture, tendon strength or sinewy strength were commonly referred to. These elements have not been lost in arts such as wrestling, weight lifting, and gymnastics.

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