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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

Howard Popkin wrote: View Post
Dan Harden is the best martial artist I have ever met, bar none. I consider it an honor to train with him and to call him a close personal friend.

I think that about sums it up.

Wow!! Considering where you've been, who you have trained with, seen, met and touched hands!
I am humbled.
It's all a bit weird for me to, now that I am getting out and about. 42 years, reading, researching, and then sweating and freezing in my barn working it, seems to have paid off in some ways. Than again, you have guys here who said they learned all this in a year from an expert in internals (who himself denied being one) so maybe I'm just slow, or as many have told you on're all stupid, gullible, easily impressed (I would live to see someone say that to Bill Gleason's face) and taken in by my excellent "marketing"!!!!

No worries Greg, you can never get a big head in budo. Why? There's too much to learn. I just suck.... less than you!!

I am really surprised Howard. Let's keep trying together to make a better budo.
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