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Mike Sigman
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Re: Different training methods . . . same skills?

It's a complex topic, but not something worth going into on this forum where only a few people are really interested. The basics are the same. Still, some attention has to be paid to the differences. A baji guy (this is just an example) may have *some* silk-reeling skills, but actually may have trained so long in silk-pulling that that's what he actually uses. But if he's smoothe enough and powerful enough to impress some people, they'll take it at face value that he's doing what he says he's doing. We see that all the time when e.g. some White Crane guy comes to the US and tells the natives that he's teaching Taiji and they don't know enough to realize that's not true.

Regardless, when you boil it down to the absolute basics, it's all the same thing. Look for the commonalities, not the differences.


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