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Different training methods . . . same skills?

Please note the subject heading is a question.

Just some thoughts: in viewing demonstrations by Liu Chengde (Chen taijiquan) and Akuzawa Minoru (Aunkai), some similar skills seem apparent, yet their respective training methods seem pretty different.

First the skills demonstrated:

Liu Chengde

Akuzawa Minoru

Now the training methods:

Liu Chengde's teacher, Hong Junsheng (a 15-plus-year disciple of Chen Fake)

Solo taolu (solo forms--Yi Lu/First Set, Er Lu/Second Set) and tuishou (push-hands): junsheng+push-hands&total=11&start=10&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

Akuzawa Minoru (xingyi, sanda, Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu aikijujutsu and possibly some Yagyu Shingan-ryu)

Basic exercises (only two of the many developed/evolved by Akuzawa)



I trained for awhile in Chen taijiquan and enjoyed a (very) brief exposure to Aunkai basic exercises. The basic training seems very different.

Aunkai stresses systematic training of body axes and contradictory tensions to build internal lines of connection. The focus of training is much more on essential body conditioning.

There is much more movement in Chen taiji basic training through form sequences. Internal connection can be emphasized through repetitive practice of single movements from the solo form sequences, as well as "silk-reeling exercises" (essentially the same idea, but usually done on both sides of the body). Deliberate contradictory tension and compression/release appear at scattered points in the solo forms, more in the Er Lu. Training with the long pole (derived from spear training) develops coordinated power as well. The Chen taiji curriculum covers a wider variety of training practices compared with Aunkai, but does not focus quite as specifically on body conditioning.
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