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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Justin Smith wrote:
Here we see the story change somewhat. Before, it was said, and I quote:
Yeah, well, it's in maybe 10 of my posts on this forum that qi and jin (or ki and kokyu) are confusingly interchanged; even to me pointing out that Tohei demonstrates his "ki", but to be more accurate he is demonstrating jin/kokyu.

Smith never understood that. He confused the two. But the point I was making was that whenever he came to the word "jin" he translated it as "intrinsic energy". He didn't know how to do jin. That's why Stephen Goodson didn't know what "peng jin" was. It was NOT a new term.... Cheng used it in his books and Yang Cheng Fu used it in his books. The Americans were translating "jin" as "intrinsic energy" and when they'd see the term "peng jin", they always translated it as "wardoff energy", not having a clue what it meant. Their "wardoff energy" is "peng jin" is the core "jin" is the same as kokyu power.

It was a needless tangent with no other purpose than to get in a negative shot by you, Justin. You've done it continuously. You don't have any facts, just a constant desire to pee on someone's leg and waste time with fripperies. You're on my ignore list.

Mike Sigman
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