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Re: Investing in society?

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Er... I dunno. Do the people who put in the work to decide to finish high school, to work at any hard-earned goal, to make any 'smarter' choice', have an obligation to give the fruits of their better choices to the people who didn't work, didn't make the right choices, etc., to the people who didn't?
Well let me simplify: do people owe any obligation to their society? If so, to what extent would you offer as a reasonable thing? If not, why?

Frankly, I'm betting that you're being not only duplicitous to me, but also to yourself. You'd be willing to be on Fafrhd and Gray Mouser than on me, right? You know what? I'll bet everything I own that you're taking the theoretical side.
"To be on..."? I can't tell what you're saying here.
If I'm being duplicitous to you or myself I'd thank you for freeing me of the delusion preventing me from seeing it.

In other words... how is this different than any other form of robbery? I don't really see the difference, so please explain it to me.
So all taxation is robbery?

The poor will always vote to have that other people give them their money. Goodbye Democracy.... hello anarchy. Let's go back to the Dark Ages. Really?
I'm sorry, but the Dark Ages didn't come about through poor people voting for anything. And where the poor outnumber the not-poor, shouldn't majority still rule?

I think you're just parroting they typical "the rich don't pay enough taxes" stuff without really thinking it through.
Actually I began primarily by asking questions in order to adjust my own thinking. I'm asking what people think about a few key ideas and you're putting more words in my mouth than I know what to do with.

Sounds good when you're waving the pitchfork in front of the castle, but really it's just a sign of the singular views taken from authority-figures which one thinks are trendy.
I'm not much for trends, but thanks for implying I've got mob-mentality.

Are you speaking from the experience of one who has had so much "in plenty", or are you parroting the words which sound so good to college sophomores and who don't have enough real-world experience?
"So you've been to school for a year or two and you know you've seen it all..." Maybe I need a Holiday in Cambodia?
It's just a belief, based on personal observation. Could be wrong of course. Maybe most people know how good they have it.

Who paid for you to go to Japan to study Aikido, BTW? You've earned your own way? You're putting aside your own money for your retirement? Let's look at your books.... I'm willing to bet a lot that your empathy for the poor-folks has got a lot to do with the fact that you don't really know what it's like to be so poor that you can't even crawl out of the poor side of town, much less make it to Japan to study Aikido.
So my empathy comes from not being poor? Like I'm feeling guilty or something? Not that I can tell. No, never been that poor. Have I been in plenty? Compared to some I've always been rich, but compared to most I knew growing up, my little trailer meant, to them, I was poor. I've already said I believe I've never had a hard life, but that also comes from my dad telling me stories about growing up in North Africa. But who cares where my empathy comes from. What's wrong with the ideas I put forward? You seem to be saying taxation is theft. I'm asking to what degree we can say a person needs to pay back into their society.

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