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Re: Investing in society?

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Let me simplify. Not all wealth is earned by the person who has it, but I think you'll find out that most of the current wealth is indeed earned (by finishing school, by investing wisely, by cleverly getting a well-paying job, etc).
I agree. As it relates to trust fund babies, etc. I was more refering to less extreme cases of work per unit of value...the difference, say, between a miner and a CEO. Do CEO's put in more work than a miner? If they don't, do they have a social obligation to invest more since they receive greater benefit for less work? Actually, if you don't mind, for the sake of argument let's assume the CEO works less.
Also, I don't like the idea of inheritance taxes. However, I'm always open to the idea that ridiculous sums of money should probably be put in check...For the same reason I think large pools of power ought have Checks and Balances.

(wouldn't you like to think that you could make your childrens' life not so hard?
My life is not hard and rarely ever has been. If anything, I intend to make my son work a little harder than I did.

Incidentally, the idea that there is a fixed class of people who are "rich" is a myth. That group is constantly in flux. The reason it's in flux is that people work hard to get to the top and a couple of generations later the money is gone.
Sure, I think there's generally more new money than old money in our society...though, that old money is usually extremely well dug in. People tend to take things for granted when they've had them in plenty, so it makes sense to me people would lose sight of what made them wealthy: work. On the other hand, I seem to recall being told there is a tendancy for people who are good with money to have children who are good with money. Whatever the case, most folks stay in the upper and middle range of the economy, and I assume most folks who lose their family's wealth remain in the middle region. It fits with my own family history, at any rate.

What's also going wrong in society is that the number of "poor" who are getting a free pass has been growing steadily.
Do you know how it's compared to population growth?

Watch the dialogue and interplay... a lot of the idea is not just to "give to the poor", it's also very much a power play where one side is trying to force their values on the other side.

And don't think the Far Right won't try to force their values on everyone if they get in power, too.
I agree. That's part of the reason i dislike our 2-party system. I was thinking earlier about my "access" remark and decided it's weak because it requires far more work to access major seats of power without joining one of the two ridiculous fraternities who mitigate everything with their competition to be in power. That is to say, if you want to accomplish something "good," you have to spend time fighting the other team or you lose support.

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