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Re: Sword tip movement

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
For example, you're both essentially saying, if I'm reading it correctly, that if I stop staring at the tip of the sword, stop thinking about aikido, sword cuts or anything at all for that matter, I should end up with cleaner cuts.
Well, I wouldn't say I recommend empty-headed swinging. When I do it, I am concentrating quite hard, so I don't mean stop thinking. But "stop thinking about the cut" is more like it (like what Phi said).

I think of the sword, my center, the downward press of gravity, and the upward push of the earth. Those entities I concentrate on. The suburi motion is then kind of like the sword rolling down and up the "surface" of my center. At some times I am more under the sword and some times more over the sword I guess... but always some of both. (so it's more of a swirl than a ball?) I guess that means maintain musubi b/w the sword and self. I hope it's still not sounding like BS.

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
Of course without paying attention to whether the tip is wavering it's hard to judge if it's working! haha. A perfect example of Quantum theory.
Ah yes the Suburi Uncertainty Principle. Maybe we should leave the quantum interpretations aside though....
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