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Re: In the moment....transitioning into another technique

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
An easier route is to just ask the instructor to watch while the two of you work on the waza at hand. Then proceed as the instructor directs. Their response should tell you a lot.
Although there are some interesting responses to the original post, surely Ron's advice is the most useful?

I am always slightly bemused by some of the 'technical' questions brought to the forums by fairly new students. Why ask a bunch of unknown aikidoka (ok, ok, some of you are known ) for advice, when your teacher is there for exactly that reason, isn't it a bit disrespectful? I'm just trying to imagine how I would respond if one of my students was doing something I hadn't instructed and if I asked why he/she was doing it that way, they replied, "someone on the internet suggested I do it this way"

Having said that, I'm not saying don't try to learn anything from here on the forums! there are some excellent posters and some really sage advice. I have learnt a great deal about the wider world of aikido, but if I want a technical question answered the first stop is always my teacher, so far he has always managed to deliver, if I ever felt that he couldn't I may have to search elsewhere. That time is still a long way off



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