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Re: In the moment....transitioning into another technique

Tim Evans wrote: View Post
Agree with all the above but to clarify this happens with one certain uke and I am working through it this isn,t 2 alpha males thumping there chests for supremecy, but if uke or thug in bar pushes or pulls in his attack why not give him what he wants and go with him
You're mooshing sentences together here, Tim, and also mooshing together ideas that don't belong together. The hypothetical much-feared thug in a bar is one thing, uke is another. You should not think of them the same way, and you should not treat them the same way. There are several ways you could go in resolving this difficulty you're having in your training, but you need to get all those, "Yes, but what if some thug in a bar..." ideas out of your head first. They have nothing to do with that situation.

You say that this is one particular individual -- what's his experience level? Let me take a wild guess -- is he fairly junior himself?
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