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Re: In the moment....transitioning into another technique

Tim Evans wrote: View Post
I know this is advanced for me being a newbie but my question is if during training my uke resists or fights what technique I,m doing can I "transition" into another technique or would that be disrespecting the instructor. just putting it out there.
YOU shouldn't, until it (the henka waza) is not only not your choice -- but a seeming inevitability from what just happened. If you aren't there to learn what is begin taught -- why are you there? The teacher may be good or bad, but it does not matter.

I have always learned more from respectfully watching a poor teacher, than in disregarding a good one.

But ASK, especially if you do see the opening but are unsure why or what should be the correct response.

Have fun.


Erick Mead
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