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mike lee wrote:
Rule No. 1: Don't end up in prison.

Rule No. 2: There are lots of hard objects in prison, such as concrete and steel. Use those things to your advantage by making sure your opponent runs into those things -- HARD! Never try to fight a bigger, stronger, tougher, faster opponent head to head. Don't try that Seven Seagal macho shit. It won't work in a real pinch. Be evasive, act like you may or may not respond, and then when they charge or take a big swing, make sure they go down hard and in the worst way possible. Ideally they'll bust their shoulder -- THAT REALLY HURTS!

In the dojo we train to have the control to keep our partner safe; i.e., we don't run people into walls or off the mat -- at least not intentionally. The same sort of control that we learn in the dojo can be run in reverse. In other words, we lead the attacker into things that hurt, like steel bars and concrete.

We don't normally teach this kind of thinking in the dojo because we want students, especially at the early stages, to develop a proper living attitude for normal conditions in society. We don't want aikido students to become mean spirited. Nevertheless, extreme conditions often call for extreme measures.

Rule No. 3: Make as many friends as possible and stay away from the bad guys.
Rule #4- Never, and I mean NEVER drop your soap.


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