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Prison Aikido?

Anyone see the special on The History Channel called 'Lockdown' (I think it was last Friday the 12th of July) where they showed footage from prison security cameras that covered gang fights, knife attacks, prisoners beating on each other, etc. AFAIK, this appears to be the truest depiction of how humans attack each other (very very dirty fighting no graceful shomens or yokomens here).

As a <1yr student of Aikido, I kept thinking 'what the heck would I do in that situation?'. The punches I saw were very close-in and tight and there would be no chance for ikkyo. The stabs with shanks were short, quick and repetative (kotegaish? forget it. tenkan? good luck.)

It occurred to me that real attacks would most likely take the average Aikido student by surprise cuz thugs don't 'punch down their center'. Someone plz restore my confidence that this stuff works against those sort of attacks. I'm sure it will work against a trained samurai on some wind-swept battlefield but against a punk with a nail file behind the stop-n-rob? I like Aikido a lot and plan to train for a looong time but I just need my faith shored up a bit.
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