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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

A running back with the ball is deep at the 20, zoning in for the touchdown. The only person in his way is a bullet of a defensive back right behind him, who's got the running back in his sights and is closing the distance fast. The running back keeps his beeline for the end zone. The defender sees his opportunity and dives for the tackle, but the running back manages to evade it with a slight twist of his hips and runs on true for the 6. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

Chen Xiaowang of Chen village is balanced on one foot as another man pushes quite audibly on him. Chen Xiaowang stands his ground and doesn't budge. This is surely "IT" but is it aiki? (

Roy Dean is rolling with his BJJ teacher, Roy Harris. Their BJJ style is relaxed and wastes little energy. Dean is about to put Harris into an arm bar but doesn't quite have the right setup, as Harris keeps his arm bent and close to his centerline above his head; meanwhile, Harris grabs Dean's leg and puts painful pressure on Dean's ankle using the top of his head. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki? (

Mohammed Ali and James Toney use rope-a-dope to tire out their opponents, lying on the ropes and using their superior defense and stamina to take punishing blows without much damage, waiting for their opponent to tire and potshotting whenever an opening presents itself. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

A matador uses his red cape to lead a charging, enraged bull safely past him. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

Wing Tsun practitioners practice chi sau, sticky hands drills, using tactile sensitivity and ingrained instinctual motor responses to form bridges with their partner, sense motion and intention, and respond accordingly. Their bodies don't deviate much from the centerline. The punches come fast and intense. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

An old farmer who cannot weigh much more than 150 lbs has spent the majority of his life carrying heavy sacks of grain long distances around his farm and will continue to do so up until the day he dies. Is this "IT"? Is this "aiki"?

Taichichuan practitioners train in push hands, moving slowly and fluidly. They circle and spiral around each other, each seeking to unbalance the other. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

A cook is carrying a heavy pot of veal broth in his hands and has difficulty opening a heavy swinging door to get into the freezer. He leans his side up against the door, braces his feet, and pushes with his legs, popping open the door far enough to allow him to slip inside. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

A circus performer is forming the base of a human tower, the feet of his fellow performers planted firmly on each others shoulders. He is supporting close to 5 times his own bodyweight. Is this "IT"? Is this aiki?

I don't presume to know the answer to any of these questions, and I'm not trying to cleverly construct some sort of argument with rhetorical questions. I'd just like examples of "IT" and aiki. Is one a method of obtaining the other? Is it the only method? Are they the same thing? If not, can you have one and not the other?

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