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graham christian
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Re: The Catalyst of Aikido, Non-Resistance.

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Thank you Graham. An excellent presentation. Can you tell us how you experience the physics (body mechanics) that occur when you are in such a state of non-doing?
Hi Chris. It's quite the opposite, all non-resistance is a state of doing. It's active and takes discipline.

Body mechanics? Well actually it's as if they become irrelevant even to the point of disappearing. That doesn't mean they are for in training and learning and drills and kata the body memory and use of movement is ingrained. Different mechanics may be worked out etc. but all seems to pale ino significance for all I 'see' is principles and the following of them. They become real and 'solid' whilst the physical becomes minor.

That's how I experience it.

If I was to give you an example it would be just as difficult to explain but here is one I'll try. Let's take facing someone with a sword or bokken. They are to attack, to cut through. What am I doing at this point and what am I experiencing? What am I seeing? These are questions which get asked when the opponent wonders how?

I am giving. I am giving Ki, I am giving the feeling of welcome. I am giving. I am keeping zanshin. I am spiritually looking through the opponent, not at. All these things are disciplines yet unseen from the outside.

I am focusing and specifically focusing on being center line only. Thus I see not even my own body but only a center line. I am not interested one iota in protecting my body for I am just a line and no more. The only thing I protect is center line and nothing else. More disciplines.

The only thing I thus move is center line. The rest is irrelevent for in moving it the rest will be safe and thus of no concern. With all this the main feelings are stillness and calm. Yet these feelings are even themselves a result of other things being active.

Well, that's one example even if it's hard to understand but is nonetheless an example of what I feel and see in that particular example.

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