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Originally posted by aiki_what
"Just because someone falls down, it doesn't mean the technique was done correctly. Atemi has often been used to cover up poor execution. "

Actually you missed my subtle point....rather than working with the technique uke decided to lecture me on where my "Ki" was directed. I simply distracted his "Intent" (or Ki or whatever you want to call it) and directed my energy into the throw.

As to the atemi comment, I suppose if one practices Aikido as a dance practice where uke and nage work cooperatively to perfect their "execution" this might be relevant. But I would contend from a martial viewpoint that failure to deliver atemi would consitute poor execution.
If someone made that comment to me, I would probably stop the technique and ask them to explain themselves. After listening to them, I'd have to decide if they're correct or mistaken. I've always been intensely interested in my mistakes. Perhaps that's just me.

As for doing atemi, I'm not against using it. However, how can anyone say they can do a technique, when uke is already falling down because of a strong atemi? As an experiment, try doing a technique without atemi, then do it with an atemi. Sometimes there is a real difference.

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