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Cool Re: Ki in Training

Hi Chad,

I may have met your teacher and if so you are fortunate. It does sound like you have a good training environment to learn in. If you are trying to reach beginners about the importance of ki training from the beginning probably a not quite so ernest post would leave a better impression.

Having been around a bit (most recently at the Aiki Expo), I can sympathize with what you are saying. It does say something about that other teacher that he was visiting your dojo. Was he looking for something ? Did you help him (or your Sensei) find it. I could imagine that if his visit helped him to catch on to what was missing that all those years of physical practice would not be a waste. It's only a waste if he never sees what's missing. Too many around like that not even willing to look.

Some may not care for what you say for historical reasons and others may simply have trouble relating to what you are saying simply because their training methodology is so different. Some may be adverse to the use of the K- word but end up using many of the some tools with different labels. It doesn't really matter. The rare gems out there that really do get what Ki is about and are able to effectively teach the rest of us aren't posting to this list.

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