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We are taught that "ki" comes throught proper execution of the technqiue and training. IMHO, my Sensei certainly has it, you can feel it. Sensei Phong was the 5' 6th dan that demonstrated recently at the Aiki Expo and is featured in the July 2002 Black Belt Magazine. Since I train in an Aikikai style, I have been taught more about technical proficiency that extension of ki.

To the best of my understanding, what I do note is that the proper alignment (everything pointing in the same direction), following the natural momentum of the waza, staying relaxed, breathing, and projecting my intent (visualization of the waza continuing) seems to be what I feel. Its like taking all the kinks out of the hose before you try to run the water through it. I know that this is a sumplictic non-mystical description of Ki which does it a real disservice. I guess the Ki that can be described is not the real Ki.

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