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AikiWeb System wrote:
AikiWeb Poll for the week of November 16, 2003:

Does aikido contain anything technically that is unique amongst martial arts?
In one word - NO.

There are no new techniques in Aikido. All martial techniques were all discovered in the beginning of time in every warring society anew. O-Sensei himself (to my knowledge) did not presume as much. The Aikido is an evolution and refienment of other systems.

As a pround Aikidoka and after studying Karate, Krav-Maga, Kung-fu and Tai-chi and reading many books and articles on the subject I can honestly state that there are about a dozen techniques out there. All we do is find a new emphasis and a new approach or context.

The power of the oriental martial arts is that the practice of war is given a respectable, spiritual, philosofical depth. Aikido has this power and it novelty lies there

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