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graham christian
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Re: It happens to the best of them

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I do
I do
I do
Talk about UESHIBA!!!
and not you
That way ...we.... don't continually talk about the.... people..... behind the posts.

Good grief man, is any of this sinking in?
Dan. Obviously the context is not sinking in for you my friend. Post 5 was about Ueshiba. Then I'm asked how I come to that conclusion.

Through my own experience is the answer. Now, I can't use you as an example can I. I can't think of anyone else doing it off hand.

Now, Janet remebers someone who did it too.

It's called discussing a point raised by the posted video. I actually found that point interesting as I've never really put any emphasis on it.

I must admit I haven't seen anyone do the little hop though. Now that was bouyant!

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