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follow up

All yudansha affiliated with an organization have IAF registration and cards.

If Mr. Baker did not make any of the comments, I apologize. However, someone in his organization did.

First, Toyoda sensei's feet were in need of surgery and I wonder how your wife saw his feet since he wore socks the entire seminar. The comment that came back to the AAA dojo was that he looked like he was on his death bed. I personally heard Toyoda state he had to answer complaints about the examination that were apparently made by someone in Mr. Baker's organization to the IAF. Whateve the channel used it apparently made it there.

Second, someone in your organization was circulating a rumor of a flyer at the time as well contending Toyoda was giving out rank to black belts in aikido to build his organization.

Whether you were responsible or not someone in your organization was creating considerable disharmony in the Memphis aikido world at the time. Ethics of leadership would suggest the leader when aware of such actions should effect an apology to the damaged parties and correct the action of his or her followers.

Nuf said.