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Re: Stanislavsky and Ki

Dave Organ wrote:
Hello all!

Another point I'd better make clear: I have strong issues regarding self defense; everyone here knows that but in this case I'm not talking SD; just mat aikido. Does it work on the mat without uke following along? Of course; before anyone objects that same criteria holds for any aspect of ki training; not just kumiwaza.
Why don't you ask your sensei to try his/her ki movement on "animal" when he's there to give seminar?

Personally; I don't believe in Ki as the force of the Universe; the world's energy, lifeforce, The Force, whatever. I don't think ki's any one thing at all - I believe we use the word 'ki' to act as a definition for something which we have not yet properly defined.
For the purposes of aikido, I believe it's a physical effect of mental expression - using the mind to control the body in precise, well defined ways.

Since Toronto is not far form where you live, why don't you go to find it out yourself.

I don't know these two. But from web sites, they look like real deal.
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