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Re: internal strength demo...

Bob Strahinjevich wrote: View Post
It's an interesting demo, Ashe.

Would you be able to replicate what's done here

or here,

and then talk us through the ILC logic. Like - how does he shut the guy down in the first clip and how would you do it? They seem to be compatible demonstrations (though Ark does lean a bit too far fwd's in these for my tastes, it's still the same principle...if it's the same principle?)
i think as dan said, it would depend on who i was playing with. we sometimes will practice spinning hands in the sort of parallel stance, but i think the goal is different, and posture would be different as well. like for us, we try to stay away from the open sternum posture, since it's "past the limit", according to tai chi principles (as they relate to the body).

that's not meant to be a dig at anukai stuff, since i don't know what they're working on here (it's always tough to comment on other arts).

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