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Re: internal strength demo...

As fun as pushing is -it's so low level that its bores the crap out of me. The real fun is in moving. The problem is that the movements have to be driven by a conditioned, intent driven body and the best way to train that at the beginning is...standing (solo) and then pushing.

Internal movement and conditioning of the body with that movement
Once the body connection is being established the real fun begins.
There are further things people need to learn that have to do with reconditioning the way the body moves and thus carries its weight and reacts to forces. They can get pretty complex and hilariously fun. Over time they change you in profound ways. Think of it like ways to actually use IP to create Aiki.

Things are not all the same and IMO there are methods that are indeed supperior for all out fighting. Even in You can face certain ICMA styles (who have internal conditioning) who move from their hips in tune with the shoulders and you could learn there is a different way to carry and train the body to move that will take other methods apart. Same thing with some ICMA "methods for fighting that are inane against capable fighters. I have covered that here before, where you get these noobs who try to fajin with the dantien to mingmen and do a power release. That might work on some people but on a fighter you might as well put a stamp on it, send it snail mail, and then text message its imminent arrival; even a decent high school wrestler is going to feel that coming. It makes me think that most internal guys have never actually met a good fighter.

There are other ways to power release that will actually work in a freakin fight, instead of that nonsense. As a fighter, or someone who thinks in martial terms, I'm just happy that there are guys focusing on breath work and fajin. It's less people for me to worry about in the future.
It's the same thing with lock resistance and manipulation. You can try and resist nikyo or Sankyo with just breath-power body conditioning till the cows come home. Breath power is great, but its only going to get you so far. And if its all you know...well...there ya go. There's a reason that most add it later in the training. I just hope folks aren't buying some of this crap from the internet blow hards that "breath training" is some kind of absolute to aikido training. There is a lot more to this than some weekend seminar is going to offer.


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