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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Another harassment question

Joe McParland wrote: View Post
Lost centers. Whether right or wrong, this is very unbecoming.
Unbecoming? So you are implying it is more important to be becoming and PC than morally right? Sorry your attitude IS the problem. It is this attitude in society that it is better to keep quiet and let things pass rather than look rude by speaking out against actions that are morally wrong. This is one of the biggest reasons racism is still a problem in our society. When coworkers or buddies say racial slurs or jokes people who are not racists simply smile or move away rather than finding the courage to speak out. Racism is wrong, we should speak out every time observe someone being racist. When we do not speak out we are condoning it and we become part of the problem. Calling someone a racist after they do/say racist things is not name calling, it is simply identifying who they are as a person.

This case is not different. The poster saw sexually inappropriate behavior but did nothing to stop it. He did not stand up and speak out. I guess that would have made him 'unbecoming,' what a shame that would be. What if the action was against your mother, sister, wife or daughter, would you worry about being labeled 'unbecoming'? As a witness to this action the poster was/is morally responsible to talk to his teacher and seek positive change.

We cannot improve our society when we more concerned with being unbecoming than we are about being morally right. For those that do not get it at this point, you probably never will.

Mark (unbecoming) J.