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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: What do you think about the combat orientated styles?

Amos Barnett wrote: View Post
His point, as I see it, isn't about stick fighting, it's about how you train your martial art.

Igor, you are focusing on the techniques displayed in the clip, in the external: the stick wildly swung, the knee to the groin on a passive training partner that does not happen when said training partner actively defends...

Aliveness is about the teaching-training methodology, not about the specific techniques.

Here's a question, how would you react in the situation if somebody would swing at you like the example he gives at 2:20? You would have a stick also of course.
Well, this is a direct question I can't answer for I don't know how I would react. I know how I have reacted in the past when attacked by an armed (knife) assailtant but I don't think past engagements are totally predictive of future ones. Maybe next time I'll be the one who ends injured, who knows?
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