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Re: What do you think about the combat orientated styles?

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Must be I'm not looking deep enough because I only see the same old compliant kata based training against poorly performed half assed attacks.

Could you point me to a clip where they can be seen training realistically against realistic attacks?
Yeah, they do use compliant kata-based training. Look, you're preaching to the choir here, as I largely abandoned Aikido for BJJ and some half-assed backyard boxing. But I still recognize the differences in styles, as I watched many of Lenny Sly's videos (and also those of Calderon Sensei from "Last Tenshin Warrior" dojo) and also interacted IRL with a kyu-level practitioner of Tenshin Aikido.

Actually I did link to Lenny's "clip" in a reply to the other person in this thread, but the post was moved to some purgatory for approval, where it's been for at least a day now, so now I'm wary of posting Youtube links.
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