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Re: What do you think about the combat orientated styles?

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Sorry but these reasons are not proof. When I asked you for proof I meant things like Police reportings, CCTV recordings, court documents, news or any other kind of evidence of people trained in Tenshin Aikido having succesfully used it in self-defense.

Drills and randori, no matter how good they look, are not actual self-defense.
This is true. Which is why I chose my words carefully:

Tenshin is the closest Aikido has come thus far to being a functional self-defense system.
I didn't say it has actually crossed the threshold of being a functional self-defense system. But if you look at their methodology in-depth, it will become self-evident that the students of Tenshin Aikido are more prepared to deal with realistic attacks than mainstream Aikido - just by the virtue of actually practicing them - and such innovations in training are certainly to be welcomed - at least, by those who care about Aikido's practical application.
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