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Mario Tobias
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Re: early kyu expectations

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ok, I think I get the color of the answers regarding the ukemi.. but what about the techniques? sometimes I get the urge to point out every little details that the beginners missed but after saying a couple of points I feel that they won't be able to remember everything I said.. or even worse, they might get bored and think that aikido is too hard to learn for them... so usually, I'll just point out 1 or 2 mistakes and let the other mistakes get away as "beginner standards".. what do you guys think?
Aikido takes many years even decades to START understanding. With a 4th kyu which typically takes 1.5 to 3 years at most, with this amount of time I can say they would have learned NOTHING of aikido but the forms.

The tricky but interesting thing with aikido is that I think it comes to you naturally, without warning. It doesn't come from somebody else telling you that you are starting to get it. Not even the grading will tell you that somebody has "it".

I can't explain it but this is my personal observation. Some of the things that were impossible for me to do back then I can make them work now but the understanding didn't come gradually, it came like a switch being turned on and I still don't know where it came from and how it came about. That is probably why at shodan level which takes 5 years minimum or even decades to attain is STILL a beginner. Aikido is not a memory game of details but of understanding underlying principles imo, otherwise there are just too many details to memorize.

I think being meticulous for a FIRST kyu would be appropriate or second kyu but 3rd kyu below we need to offer some slack....and yes, aikido is too difficult to learn that is why you need to keep them interested to keep them going. But thats just my opinion
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