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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Aikido has worked for me in a street situation many times. The last time was especially good when a maniac on a motorbike had road rage. He got from his bike and hurtled at me. I remained on my bike and never panicked just dropped my head as his fist came in. He hit my crash helmet and I think damaged his wrist.

This I know is not an Aikido technique, but being calm and not panicking is part of my training. Another time I was approached in Laos by 4 youths after my wallet. As i was grabbed I kept turning and 2 attackers were thrown clear. The third who hung on was disabled quite easily with sankyo. If I did not know Aikido then my money would have been gone. But the main point is, that at no time did I panic or feel that I would not overcome these yobs. The 4th one did nothing, as I smartly ran off, in case others were around with knives.
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