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No offense, but I think that's way off. All rose colored glasses aside, he could be immensely egotistical.

Remember the quotation that Dan cited - he specifically said that his power did not come from religion. Also, remember that he specifically discouraged people from studying his religion.

As for taking it to a "higher" level - that kind of thinking is ultimately, I think, misleading, and perpetuates a misunderstanding of where his Aiki came from.

For example, check out this translation of a scroll hanging in one of the most conservative Daito-ryu dojo around - one that I can guarantee was not influenced in any way by Ueshiba:


Interesting link, but there is no secret or surprise there - we have all heard various aspects of that from many different sources.

So the universal message is that through aiki we can bring peace and harmony to the world. Pretty much a core tenet of all religions. The question then is how do we apply that? Do we take a pragmatic, religious, spiritual, or scientific approach ? The answer of course will be based on the individual and what their beliefs are and how it all fits into their model of existence.

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