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graham christian
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Re: Why the extended fingers in Aikido postures

Anyway Mike, back to topic.

In my Aikido as I've said the extending of the finger is to direct Ki.

Sometimes when I see some more disciplined Ki direction is needed I devote the lesson to this one fact. It's all to do with 'extending' Ki for real rather than imagining or thinking you are.

In these exercises all leading has to be done with the finger or more precisely through the finger.

When leading straight down for example it means two things.

1) Straight down means straight down. Not a slight angle etc.

2) To a specific location ie: Australia. (through to Australia) rather than to the floor. The location may be a specific point on the wall or through that specific point.

There are reasons for this and when done precisely the effect is totally different.

For all the machanics people out there I would say this: Just like in electricity flowing from one node to another. You have to have two stable points for the power to flow.

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