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Re: Why the extended fingers in Aikido postures

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Well, in my opinion that sort of explanation is where "internal strength" goes wrong. A 'teacher' hears a fact or buzzword and decides they can intuit what the buzzword, demonstration, etc., does and so they teach that reasoning to their students. Unfortunately, the guess is often wrong and we're back down the road to where an art forgets the I.S. stuff (or they never really get much of it to start with).

Not that I discourage people from teaching their students their "take" on things, though. It's fascinating to watch.

I thought the fingers example was a good analogue to the postural examples that Ellis was pointing to in the HIPS Indeed thread.


Mike Sigman
Mike. Funny thing is the reverse goes for me. The guess from non'Aikido folk thinking they understand. As with you I don't discourage it either. It's fascinating for me to watch too.

The reason is they are not taught the whys, that's all. Ip may have it's reasons so that fits that. To assume that equals Aikido? mmmm.

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