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Re: 2nd Kyu

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
Congrats on the testing! Here's ours for Nikyu.

Each technique is done both sides. This preceeded by oral testing on aikido history, etc. You may also be asked to do kokyu dosa, ki testing, etc usually after the 50 basic. Then you're given optionals, which is sensei's choice. A minimum of five variations on whatever is called (could be either attack or technique specific, ie all yokomen, or koshi, shime, etc). You could be asked to do suwari waza and/or hanmi handachi. That's followed by jo (and sometimes bokken) kata, then jo tori, general randori and lastly ryokata tori randori until you can't continue. Also, after the test you are expected to given a written thesis on aikido, martial arts, etc. Around two pages up do shodan, 10+ afterwards.
Your from Hungary aren't you Jason!
[They are quite intense with any test - the university test are mind twisters and are meant to see what you DON'T know as well as to 'trip' you up... the drivers license test also is a doozy, its not just a one time stop and pick up a license bit, as well as being expensive]

Seriously though, am I correct that this covers all the material previously learned from 6th kyu up?

Quite extensive indeed - you must have some energy indeed for all of this, especially if you turn around and act as uke afterwards. [The falling down and getting up wears me out more than doing the techniques! - of course]

The thesis is a new twist, but intriguing as you have to try to put into words what you know.

Are you part of Aiki-kai? I saw mention of ki test, so perhaps ki-aikido?

Thanks for sharing... by the way how is the flow in the dojo?
Can you comment on how the performance consistency is per level? Do you believe this structure helps in that? [I assume you have time set aside to practice for the exams, or you have to do this on your own time?]



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